What Lifestyle Photography Means to Me


I started my photography journey at 15 when my dad showed me how to load film into his camera. I was instantly hooked. I still remember pointing my camera and pleading with family members to “forget I’m here,” and “don’t look at the camera.” I wanted so passionately to document the moment, to capture the photos that reminded me of not just what our life looked like, but what it felt like. Lifestyle photography falls somewhere between documentary and portrait photography. It’s a combination of genuine interactions, and some staged moments.

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My goal the day of our session

During our session I aim to photograph your family as naturally as possible.  To capture all those little details that make your family so special. To document those fleeting moments soon to be memories.

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What to expect

Real moments that are funny and unique aren’t always easy to photograph.  I always say to my clients, “pretend I am a family friend coming over for a visit.”  Some of my favorite moments recorded are those of little ones showing me their favorite book or toy.  My sessions are very relaxed; there’s no need to stress or make the house perfect.  If mom needs to change the baby’s diaper, or dad needs to get big sis a snack, no problem!

There is so much love in your home.  Let me help you tell your story. 

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Dad getting snacks ⤴


Reading favorite book