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4 Helpful Tips for Keeping Young Kids Happy and Awake for Summer Sunset Family Photos

Hey there, fellow mom! We all know how photographers rave about golden hour for capturing the most beautiful family photos. That magical time of day before the sun sets, when the light is simply stunning, casting a beautiful glow and gentle shadows. However, during summer, the late sunsets can pose a challenge when you have little ones with early bedtimes. But fear not, because it's absolutely worth keeping them up a little later for those incredible shots! Here are some friendly tips to ensure a successful sunset family session with small children.

1. Keep the Day Low-Key

This I believe is the most important tip! Avoid scheduling your session on a day filled with activities or events. Opt for a calm and simple day leading up to the session to prevent exhaustion or overwhelm. Let the session be the highlight of your day.

2. Adjust Nap time

Here's a trick that might help: try pushing their nap time about 30-60 minutes later than usual. This way, you'll have more wiggle room in the evening to work with. If your kids have outgrown napping but could use a quick recharge, a car ride might do the trick! The gentle motion often lulls them into a short snooze, leaving them refreshed and ready for the session.

3. Full tummies and special treats

Make sure everyone has dinner at least two hours before the shoot to avoid hungry and cranky kids. A satisfied tummy keeps everyone content and playful. Bribery, anyone? We've all been there, and it's okay to bring along a special treat that your little ones adore. Choose something mess-free like fruit gummies. A little bribery can go a long way in keeping everyone happy during the session.

4. Stay Calm and Go with the Flow

The key is to stay calm and relaxed during the photo session. Kids pick up on our stress levels, so radiate a sense of calmness and watch them follow suit. Embrace the moment, let kids be kids, and let the joy unfold naturally. Remember, these photos are all about capturing precious memories and genuine happiness. So, take a deep breath, be present, and let the session become a fun adventure for the whole family. You've got this!

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Helpful tips. These photos are gorgeous!

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